Case Study: World of Coca-Cola

Case Study


Tectoniks was approached by ‘The Partners’, a leading Turkish-based practice with exceptional expertise in communication marketing, brand management and big events, to design and manufacture a visually striking portable venue to house the ‘World of Coca-Cola’ touring exhibition. The exhibition would last five years and visit 28 cities in Turkey, covering a distance of 13,800km with 22 trucks.


Case Study

The Brief

The brief from Coca-Cola was to provide a venue which would ‘create memorable experiences for the guests which honour our history; celebrate the present and make a positive impact for a better future’.

In addition, the brief also required that the venue should:

  • Be welcoming and warm, create curiosity and have a WOW effect
  • Have three separate zones which can be assembled in different configurations to   fit the available space
  • Provide 1,600 square metres (16,000 square feet) of exhibition space
  • Be resistant to all weather conditions including snow
  • Have a manageable crowd circulation layout
  • Be easy to set-up, dismantle and maintain
  • Be easy to transport

The three zones cover different aspects of Coca-Cola and its history. The first is the ‘COKE IS LIFE!’ zone which contains displays and Interactive exhibits of the Coke brand then and now with particular emphasis on the history of Coke’s famous advertising, packaging and sponsorships

The second, and largest, is the ‘COKE IS IT!’ zone. With its 45 foot high ceiling it shows Coke’s journey from formula to bottling plant to distributor to your door. It contains a gigantic simulated production line showing Coke being made. This zone also features displays and videos covering Coke’s Hayata+ UNDP and water conservation initiatives along with PET Bottle education information and advice on how to save the water resources of Turkey.

The third zone covers sustainability, the Coca-Cola Life Plus Foundation, existing social projects and information about diversity.

Gülgün Erbilek - Marketing Procurement Manager, Coca-Cola

The result was extraordinary, and aesthetically elegant, in spite of its impressive proportions. I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Tectoniks Limited to prospective buyers.

Case Study

Our Solution

Tectoniks designed and manufactured a totally unique structure based on the Coke Splash, drawing inspiration from the shape of droplets.

The building is comprised of three ‘droplets’ to house each of the three zones. The ‘droplets’ can be installed in a variety of configurations, allowing the shape of the finished building to be tailored to fit the available space at each location on the tour.

Once the concept had been developed by Tectoniks and approved by the client, the design was subjected to rigorous structural analysis using proprietary software, developed by Tectoniks, to prove that it would meet the requirements of stringent structural and safety regulations.

Tectoniks also worked closely with The Partners regarding the fit-out of the venue to ensure the successful integration of the multitude of exhibits, flooring, doors, lighting and air-conditioning with the building.

The building was manufactured and tested at our UK facility before shipping to Turkey. Tectoniks also provided training for the client’s crew in the installation and operation of the building.

Case Study

The Outcome

Despite a tight deadline and demanding specifications Tectoniks delivered the venue on-time and on-budget. Our crew installed the venue at its first location and provided the training for the client’s own crew. All subsequent installations have been performed by the client.

The World of Coca-Cola exhibition has now been touring Turkey for almost a year and has visited five locations. It is on target to reach the one million visitors expected over the length of the tour.

The totally unique venue has performed flawlessly throughout the tour despite heavy snowfall. No other type of structure could have provided the required aesthetics, speed of deployment, portability, robustness and longevity that this has.

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