What makes Tectoniks Inflatable Structures Unique?

Tectoniks structures are the result of years of development of a totally new inflatable technology.

These new generation buildings are more rigid, can span greater distances and withstand extreme weather whilst retaining all of the advantages of inflatable structures such as speed of deployment, portability and low environmental impact.

The information below provides a brief overview of our technology and what makes our award winning structures so different.

Architectural textile used for our inflatable structures

Premium Grade Architectural Textiles

All our structures are constructed using premium quality, fire retardant, composite textiles which have been selected for their durability, exceptional strength and dimensional stability.

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Tectoniks inflatable technology
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Rigid Inflatable Technology

Tectoniks RISE technology

Conventional inflatable structures operate at low pressures and are constructed using techniques which result in a rapid loss of air through stitched seams. This not only results in less rigid structures but also requires noisy, power-hungry, high-volume blowers to replace the air which is constantly being lost (hence the term 'constant loss system').

Tectoniks structures are different. Our proprietary structural design, architectural grade textiles and unique welding techniques result in virtually air tight structures which operate at higher pressures, are more rigid and have a modern, tight, 'hi-tech' finish.

Tectoniks hot air welding

This provides endless scope for producing modern, innovative structures from the small-scale to those with spans far greater than can be achieved with conventional inflatable technology.

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Advanced Pressure Control Systems 

Tectoniks Pressure Control System

The design of our structures and the manufacturing methods we have developed result in very little air being required to maintain their operating pressure. Our pressure control systems are therefore very compact, efficient and quiet.

Typically comprised of multiple side-channel blowers under the control of a digital pressure control unit, our systems ensure that a structure is kept at the correct operating pressure for maximum structural performance.

Tectoniks Pressure Control System

The blowers only operate intermittently. If a structure is damaged, the pressure control unit detects a drop in pressure and automatically adjusts the cycle time to compensate for the loss of air.

This offers a distinct advantage over 'sealed' inflatable structures which have no means of monitoring and maintaining air pressure in service.

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Fully Engineered Anchoring 

Patch pull test

The primary requirement for any structure is safety. We pride ourselves on our perfect safety record and our approach to the incorporation of safety into the design and operation of our structures.

Anchoring systems are a critical part of the overall safety scheme. Our anchoring systems are the result of rigorous analysis, extensive testing and real-world evaluation.

Whatever surface a structure is installed on, we have anchoring solutions which ensure it will remain securely in place.

Custom concrete ballast

We can also design bespoke solutions such as permanent foundations (see example), portable water ballast and custom-cast concrete kentledge (as used on the Dreamforce structure).

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Latest CAD Design and Analysis 

Tectoniks finite element analysis

We are committed to developing the art and science of portable architectural design. Our structures are designed using the latest computer aided design technology encompassing 3d CAD modelling, 3d visualisation and animation, and finite element analysis.

Our pattern generation and artwork-wrapping software packages were written and developed in-house by our own design team.

Tectoniks Artwork Mapping Software

With custom designed structures a 'right-first-time' approach is paramount. The design process often involves the construction and testing of prototypes to prove new concepts and to ensure that our finished structures live up to our reputation for premium quality and performance.

Tectoniks prototyping