What’s so different about a Tectoniks structure? Brochures & FAQ

Support Documentation

Customer Support is vital in delivering effective temporary structures

All service and maintenance for Tectoniks is provided by Dawsongroup tcs’s customer service team, a specialist company of Dawsongroup focused on environmental temperature-controlled modular solutions. 

At Tectoniks, we prioritise your satisfaction and aim to provide you with exceptional customer support every step of the way. Our dedicated support team is here to assist with any queries or concerns you may have regarding our solutions. 

Our units are designed to require minimal construction. Upon request, we can provide training either on-site in certain countries or at our operations site in the United Kingdom. 

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Product Brochures

Product Downloads and Documentation

Product Brochure: Tempstore 10
External: 4.0m (w) x 3.61m (d) x 3.10m (h)
Interior Temperature Range: +2°C to +8°C

Tempstore 18

Product Brochure: Tempstore 18
External: 4.15m (w) x 6.00m (d) x 3.70 (h)
Interior Temperature Range: -18°C to +18°C


Tempstore 26

Product Brochure: Tempstore 26
External: 7.04m (w) x 4.58m (d) x 3.68m (h)
Interior Temperature Range: -18°C to +18°C

Tempstore 80

Product Brochure: Tempstore 80
External: 12m (w) x 10m (d) x 7.7m (h)
Ambient Storage: 4°C (combine with DGPCC’s air handling units)

Tempstore 100

Product Brochure: Tempstore 100
External: 15m (w) x 10m (d) x 8.55m (h)
Ambient Storage: 4°C (combine with DGPCC’s air handling units)

Tempstore Event Structures

Product Brochure: Tempstore 18
External: 4.15m (w) x 6m (d) x xx m (h)
Interior Temperature Range: -18°C to +18°C

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information:

General Enquiries

Phone: +44 (0) 1623 518538

Email: info@dgtcs.co.uk

Contact Form: Click here

Operating Hours: 08:00 to 17:30 Monday to Friday

Breakdown / Technical Support

Phone:  +44 (0) 1623 518518

Operating Hours: 24/7, 365 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing and Maintenance:

Certified Inspections

Before delivery, all equipment undergoes a full refurbishment at our specialist workshops. Our team of engineers perform all repairs, maintenance, and modifications. Once completed and signed off by our in-house quality management team, the refrigeration /electrical equipment moves to our Refrigeration Workshop. There it undergoes a pre-delivery check, F-Gas leak inspection, and final electrical safety check, carried out by industry recognised, qualified Dawsongroup engineers. Copies and records of these checks are available upon request. Our engineering team ensure that all equipment is pre-set and ready for each application required, as per the customer request and requirement.

Manual and Training

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer support. We create customised support manuals for the equipment hired, ensuring customers have all the necessary information, including operation instructions. Commissioning and training will be carried out at a pre-arranged time and date to suit the customer. 

Our team are available to answer questions and provide support throughout the full hire duration.


All equipment on-hire receives two fully inclusive services per year. We include repairs to the equipment as part of this package, alongside a test of the inflation equipment and roller doors where applicable. This ensures that the equipment is operating as efficiently as possible.


We provide customer support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring that your call is always answered by our team, not a third party. We endeavour to respond to all callouts within 6 hours. 

Our nationwide team of directly employed and approved sub-contractors are extensively trained in problem resolution, focusing on identifying the root cause of issues and not simply fixing symptomatic faults.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Customer Support:

What should I do in the event of an issue with the equipment?

Each piece of equipment has operational instructions on the asset. You can also call our Service Department on 01623 518518, where you will be assisted with any queries you may have about your unit.

Can I change the set point of my unit?

Yes. To adjust the set point on any equipment that is refrigerated, please contact our service department at 01623 518518. Our technical support team will be able to talk you through the temperature change process and log the change on our internal systems for any future reference.

Will I incur charges if my unit breaks down?

All repairs are covered under the hire agreement, you will not be charged for repair works. Charges only apply if the fault is due to customer misuse or damage. 

Do units on hire receive servicing?

Yes, all on-hire units are serviced at six-month intervals to ensure continued functionality and performance.

Is training offered for operating the unit?

Yes, complimentary training is provided and can be requested by calling the service team 01623 518518. 

What phone number should I call for billing queries?

Please call our commercial department at 01623 518539.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about tcs’ Solutions:

Do you provide product demos to customers?

Yes, we offer product demonstrations at our depot. Please contact our business development team at 01623 518538 to schedule an appointment. 

Why rent instead of build?

Renting offers cost savings with no capital expenditure. Our solutions are ready within weeks, adaptable to market uncertainty, and offer contract flexibility.

Does the external storage break the cold chain?

Most units can be directly connected to your factory through a wall aperture or adjustable elevation platform. For specialised needs, such as with ‘free-from’ products, we can provide standalone multi-compartmental complexes.

Will hiring a portable unit compromise my HACCP system?

Absolutely not. Our units undergo inspection by independent HACCP inspectors to ensure compliance with customer or regulatory requirements.

Will the equipment be new or used?

All our equipment undergoes cleaning & testing our depot workshops to ‘as good as new’ standards.

Can I view the unit prior to delivery?

Yes, we encourage viewing at our depots and can provide photographs upon request.

Can I change or resize the unit during the contract?

Yes, rental flexibility allows for adding or removing modules to meet your evolving needs. Please contact your designated project development manager or our service department at 01623 518538.

What service level do you provide?

We pride ourselves on delivering high standards of service. Our approach includes: 

  • Pre-delivery checks to set refrigeration plant/data logger parameters. 
  • Biannual maintenance services on the refrigeration plant and bodywork service.
  • On-site response within six hours of a breakdown call. 
  • Collaborative equipment selection to ensure the right solution for your requirements and avoid common issues associated with poor selection.
Do you impose high damage charges?

We prioritise customer satisfaction and transparency. Our customer support manual outlines what constitutes damage versus wear and tear, and we promptly address any damage to maintain equipment performance and minimise costs. Our team can also recommend measures to prevent repeat damage, benefiting both parties.

Clients we’ve worked with developing custom structures:


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