The TEMPºSTORE™ is a unique product, available in various configurations that support multiple uses. Highly modular, compact and simple to use and deploy. Wherever the need in the world, the unit is easily transported via air, road, rail or sea.

Why Temp°store 26?

Need more room, but the same ease of assembly?

The Temp°store 26 is an inflatable temperature-controlled store, which can be used as a single, double or triple unit, with an internal floor area of 26m2 to 78m2.

This revolutionary, instant, inflatable structure takes less than 90 minutes to be ready to freeze and can hold a consistent temperature anywhere between +18°C and -18°C. The unique design protects the ground from cold damage with its heated, non-slip, insulated flooring. A constant temperature is maintained throughout the custom-designed and manufactured structure, keeping products at the highest quality.

Capacity: 26-78 m2

Internal: 5.84m (w) x 4.58m (d) x 3.08m (h)

External: 7.04m (w) x 4.58m (d) x 3.68m (h)

Interior Temperature Range: -18°C to +18°C

Ambient Storage: +2°C to +32°C

Product Overview

T26 Iso Front Dimensioned
External Dimensions

External Dimensions

7.04m (w) x 4.58m (d) x 3.68m (h)
Ambient Storage Temperature Range

Ambient Storage Temperature

+2°C to +32°C


Single unit to multiple modules
Faster Deployment
Fast Deployment

Faster Deployment

4 hours



Medicinal storage, temporary warehouse, food storage, ambient, chilled, packing, shelter, and more.
T26 3 Module Iso Cutaway Dimensioned with Person
Internal Dimensions

Internal Dimensions

5.84m (w) x 4.58m (d) x 3.08m (h)
Interior Temperature Range

Reduced HVAC Cost

Interior Temperature Range

-18°C to +18°C


26-78 m2


Can be used with a variety of industrial temporary flooring options.

Product Footprint

External Dimensions

Temp°store 26 In Use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Temp°store 26:

Where are your structures manufactured?
All our structures are designed and built at our factory in the UK. We also build our own inflation systems giving us total control of manufacturing schedules and quality.
These are just like bouncy castles, aren’t they?

Definitely not! The design, manufacturing methods and materials we use result in fully engineered structures which operate at higher pressures and can span greater distances whilst withstanding the loads associated with extreme weather.

Coupled with sophisticated pressure control systems and the latest side-channel blower technology, our structures represent the cutting edge of portable architecture.

Can you provide a visual of what my structure will look like?
Yes. If you send us your artwork or concept we are happy to provide a computer generated rendering of what your structure will look like.
Can you supply structural calculations for your buildings?
Yes, we can. Structural calculations are often required when dealing with local authorities during the planning of an event or installation. If this is a requirement then just let us know when ordering.
Are your structures suitable for permanent installation?
Yes, they are.

Using Instant Structures

Setup is an easy 5 stage process:

Clients we’ve worked with developing custom structures:


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