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18 Oct 2020

Work Continues at Leading Food Producer During Pandemic Thanks to Additional Workspace Provided by Inflatable Structure

The latest installation of one of our new range of commercial structures has just been completed for a market leading company producing fresh and prepared vegetables at their factory in Scotland. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the company needed urgent additional space to allow work to continue whilst maintaining recommended social distancing measures.
Our solution was to supply a triple module version of a 12.5m (internal) span structure from our commercial range which provided additional space measuring 12.5m x 27m. The structure was installed in a single day by a small team without the need for a crane or specialised plant. 
Inflatable Commercial Structure
Following an initial site survey our team prepared a detailed proposal and devised an appropriate anchoring solution, taking into account the surface type and accessibility of the site. A custom solution was also devised to provide a covered link running from the structure to their factory. 
Our commercial structures are available for purchase or hire. Contact us to enquire about rapid space solutions for your business.