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28 May 2020

Launch of New Range of Industrial and Commercial Structures for Purchase or Hire

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new range of structures designed specifically for industrial and commercial use.
These versatile structures are currently available with internal spans of 10m and 12.5m and are designed as modules which can be joined end-to-end to produce the desired length.  They are available with a variety of access options including roller shutter doors to provide access for large vehicles.
Temporary Warehouse Structure
One significant advantage over alternative temporary structures of this size is that they can be installed in a single day, thereby minimising site disruption.  Their installation does not require the use of cranes or access equipment for working at height and they can be deployed on a range of surfaces providing the ground is firm and reasonably level. We have anchoring solutions for all ground types including grass, concrete and asphalt. 
The natural level of insulation afforded by an inflatable structure also reduces the requirement for heating and cooling compared with other forms of temporary structure. It also reduces the transmission of noise which not only provides a more comfortable internal environment but also reduces the amount of noise escaping the structure which can be a problem if conducting noisy work in sensitive locations.
For more information about our new range of commercial structures click here.