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14 Nov 2018

UN Trials of Tectoniks Inflatable Cold Store for Humanitarian Response Begin

Tectoniks has deployed one of its inflatable cold storage structures at the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot Laboratory in Brindisi, Italy, where it will undergo testing for humanitarian use.
Portable Cold Storage Structure

Through the UNHRD Lab, the UN is able to offer R&D services to its partners in the continuous effort to increase effectiveness in emergency situations. The unit reviews, designs and upgrades relief items in light of its partner’s potential needs. The optimised designs are subsequently tested for use in a humanitarian setting before being fed back into the UNHRD Network as procurable stock for partners.
Our innovative cold storage structure is the result of years of research, development and real-world use. It is highly portable and can be rapidly deployed to provide over 70 cubic metres of chilled space in challenging environments.  Its 26 square metre floor area can accommodate 20 EUR pallets and its height allows for full forklift accessibility. Being of a modular design, the units can also be joined together to provide capacities of up to 210 cubic metres with floor areas up to 78 square metres.
Our range of inflatable cold stores is available for short or long term hire. For more information click here.
For more information about the work of the United Nations Humanitarian Response Depot click here.