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4 Sept 2017

SesquiDome Completes a Hugely Successful Summer Tour

In 2017 Canada celebrates the 150th anniversary of Confederation, the process that brought the federation of Canada into existence. To mark this milestone the Department of Canadian Heritage commissioned the making of a revolutionary 360o film to provide a new and inspiring way to showcase this great country.

Tectoniks was tasked with designing and building a unique projection dome to enable this revolutionary cinematic experience to tour the country, stopping at 7 cities over 3 months. The SesquiDome is a 17m diameter inflatable dome which houses a 10m diameter, 360o projection screen which is tensioned using our proprietary vacuum screen technology. This technology produces a projection surface with smoothness akin to that of rigid domed screens but taking a fraction of the time to install. No rigid elements are used in the dome or the screen making packing and transportation much simpler.

The SesquiDome toured throughout the summer and ran over 700 shows attracting more than 50,000 attendees. For more information visit