Introducing Our New Range of Modular Event Structures for Purchase or Hire

Introducing Our New Range of Modular Event Structures for Purchase or Hire



We are delighted to announce the launch of our new modular event structure range which, for the first time, will be offered for hire as well as purchase. These eye-catching structures are designed to offer a refreshing alternative to conventional tents and marquees and can be erected in a fraction of the time.

The structures are currently available in 10m and 12.5m internal span versions and are supplied in modules which can be linked end-to-end to create the desired length. The front and rear facades feature translucent panels to allow natural light to enter the internal space whilst the arched sections are constructed using blockout textiles to reduce the amount of solar gain and hence the requirement for air conditioning.

In addition to their rapid deployment, these structures offer several other advantages over conventional tents and marquees.  The natural level of insulation provided by their inflatable construction reduces the requirements for heating or cooling and also makes them less prone to condensation and damp.

No cranes or specialised plant are required for their installation and once erected there are no sheets of fabric to flap in windy conditions or metal frameworks which can rattle.

The inflatable walls also provide a more effective barrier to noise.  This can either make the interior quieter when exterior noise is an issue or conversely, can reduce the noise escaping from inside the structure which can be a problem if your event is in a noise sensitive location.

Tectoniks offers a range of structures for hire now that we are part of Dawsongroup plc, one of the UK’s leading asset rental and leasing companies with over 30,000 assets in its fleet covering vans, buses, coaches, materials handling equipment, sweepers, cold storage units and temporary structures.

For more information about this new range of event structures click here.

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