Structures for Manufacturing

Temporary Structures for Manufacturing

Advanced Inflatable Structures: The Future of Efficient Manufacturing

Tectoniks specialises in providing modular, portable, inflatable units that enhance the processes of every industry. Our Temp°store units have been used across the aerospace, defence, pharmaceutical, energy, and food sectors, providing reliable and flexible ambient and cold space for manufacture, storage and distribution.

Deployable in a matter of hours, the Temp°store is an ideal choice for temporary storage facilities. As a temporary warehouse, these units can provide a space for overflow inventory and seasonal demand, without the expense of a permanent structure. Able to maintain a steady temperature between -18C and +18C, the Temp°store can maintain the high quality of perishable and non-perishable products. The modular design enables you to scale your Temp°store up and down (by units of 10 m²) depending on your needs. Alternatively, the Temp°store 80 and 100 both operate as inflatable warehouses, perfect for large-scale storage and manufacturing needs.

Ideal Solutions for Manufacturing

Flexible, reliable solutions for all your needs

We understand the unique and strict requirements many industries require. Our solutions include quality assurance, including backup dual refrigeration and GAMP5 audited data monitoring systems, offering more than just reliable space; they provide confidence.

Tailored to the specific demands of your business needs, the Temp°store is more than just an inflatable warehouse. They offer a reliable, temporary workshop space, with the flexibility to be available where and when needed. Coupled with a hybrid or solar generator from Dawsongroup energy solutions, your new manufacturing space doesn’t even need to be connected to the National Grid. The Temp°store represents true flexibility, whatever the future might hold.

Whichever industry you work with, whatever aspect of the industry you need to work in, Tectoniks can provide flexible, reliable solutions for all your needs. Contact our team to find out more.

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