Structures for Defence & Security

Temporary Structures for Defence & Security

Maximise Operational Agility within Defence and Security using the Tectoniks’ Inflatable

Tectoniks provides exceptional, portable spaces for the defence and security industry. This industry requires mobile and rapidly deployable solutions for field operations and the lightweight, compact design of the Temp°store enables teams to transport and deploy the structure wherever required.

Constructed from premium quality, waterproof and fire-retardant materials, the Temp°store is chosen for its durability and stability, regardless of the deployment location. This is particularly important for the industry, which requires a secure and weather-resistant environment for storing equipment, supplies, and provisions. Additionally, the reliable temperature control of the Temp°store 18 and 26, ensures the quality of perishable and non-perishable items stored in them.

Ideal Solutions for Defence & Security

Flexible, reliable solutions for all your needs

Equipped to maintain a temperature between -18C and +18C, the Temp°store is ideal for tactical infrastructure, serving as temporary command centres, briefing rooms and surveillance posts. It provides a protected space for personnel to conduct operations and coordinate activity and, when paired with a hybrid or solar generator from Dawsongroup energy solutions, they can be deployed in any location.

Available in a variety of sizes, including the Temp°store 10, 18, 26, 80, and 100, this inflatable structure plays a crucial role in tacking natural disasters and humanitarian crises. They can be deployed as temporary shelters, medical facilities, and supply storage hubs. Equipped with cooling and heating systems from Dawsongroup pcc, they are a safe and reliable solution with a quick response time.

Take advantage of our decades of experience to streamline your processes, improve your uptime and reduce your capital outlay, which can then be reinvested in your company. Talk to us about flexible contract hire packages, and we will ensure your business needs are met with the best solution for you.

Whichever aspect of defence or security your business is in, Tectoniks can provide flexible, reliable solutions for all your needs. Find out more by contacting our team today.

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