Structures for Construction

Temporary Structures for Construction

Next-Generation Inflatable Solutions for Enhanced Construction Solutions

Tectoniks specialises in the creation of quality, bespoke, portable, inflatable structures. They are an ideal solution for construction projects, providing a versatile, quickly deployed solution for on-site storage needs.

Regardless of the location of your construction project, the Temp°store can be easily set up, especially when used in conjunction with hybrid and solar generators from Dawsongroup energy solutions. The Temp°store is an ideal solution for on-site material, tool, and equipment storage, offering construction companies the agility to adapt to changing requirements throughout a project lifecycle.

Ideal Solutions for Construction

Enhancing overall project efficiency and comfort

Constructed from premium quality, fire-retardant, composite textiles, Temp°store units are durable, stable and reliable in the face of all-weather types. Construction materials and equipment are often susceptible to the elements, particularly rain, snow, and UV exposure. The unique design of the Temp°store inflatable helps to prevent damage and safeguard valuable assets throughout the length of your project. Outfitted with state-of-the-art temperature control technology, ranging from -18°C to +18°C, they are an excellent alternative to portacabins for on-site staff and office rooms.

Easily inflated and deflated, the Temp°store can be moved from one place to the next without hassle, offering the flexibility to move your storage space to its ideal location as the project develops. Additionally, the Temp°store can be used to shelter the workforce during inclement weather, maintaining productivity regardless of the season. They provide an ideal, sheltered environment for equipment maintenance, assembly, and administrative duties, enhancing overall project efficiency.

The Temp°store is available on flexible contract hire, removing the typical upfront costs associated with permanent and semi-permanent structures. Contact our team to find out more today.

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