Structures for Automotive

Temporary Structures for Automotive

Elevate Your Automotive Operations with Advanced Inflatable Solutions

Dawsongroup Tectoniks provide quality solutions for the automotive industry, offering temporary, inflatable spaces for every situation. Whether you’re looking for storage for excess inventory, a temporary workshop for maintenance, or an events space, the Temp°store provides the ideal asset for the automotive industry.

Constructed from premium quality, fire-retardant composite textiles, our Temp°store units are chosen for their durability, exceptional strength, and dimensional stability. It’s meticulously designed to withstand the elements, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Available with appropriate lighting, ventilation, and equipment, it is a cost-effective, portable alternative to permanent brick-and-mortar facilities. It offers a cost-effective solution for inventory management during peak seasons.

Ideal Solutions for Automotive

Helping businesses optimise operations

The Tempstore 80 or 100, which are also known as our inflatable warehouses, are available to meet large-scale demands. These scalable, extendable solutions (increased or decreased in length in multiple of 10.0m) can be fitted with centralised cooling systems from Dawsongroup pcc to ensure a comfortable environment for temporary showrooms and large events. This customisation allows automotive manufacturers to optimise storage capacity within their existing facilities or in remote locations, where space is limited.

Smaller Temp°store solutions, including the 18 and 26, offer a temporary and portable space ideal for specialist servicing and maintenance, enabling providers to enhance their service, regardless of weather and location.

The Temp°store provides the automotive industry with flexible, cost-effective, and bespoke solutions, helping businesses optimise operations and adapt to dynamic market demands. Get in touch to find out more today.

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