Structures for Agriculture

Temporary Structures for Agriculture

Pioneering Inflatable Technology in Agriculture

Tectoniks will work closely with you to create a unique solution for all your temporary, temperature-controlled storage needs. With inflatable structures available in various sizes, the Temp°store is ideal for storing crops, equipment and livestock feed. Versatile, durable and easy to deploy, these inflatable solutions are ideal for fast and reliable short-term solutions.

Our structures are engineered to minimise condensation and dampness, preventing product spoilage and maximising yield throughout the year. Constructed from premium quality, fire-retardant composite textiles, our Temp°store units are chosen for their durability, exceptional strength, and dimensional stability. They are meticulously designed to withstand the elements, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. By eliminating rafters and beams where birds could perch, we also prevent contamination and promote cleanliness and hygiene.

Ideal Solutions for Agriculture

The Temp°store is an ideal solution for harvest season when flexibility is key

Easily installed in any location and wide enough to be accessed by forklifts, it is ideal for storage, picking, packaging, and dispatching. The units can play a role in every aspect of agriculture, from germination and plant growth to vertical farming solutions. Its reliable temperature controls, ranging from -18C to +18C in the Temp°store 18 & 26, maintain ideal conditions throughout all year round. The larger units, including the Temp°store 80 and 100, can be fitted with internal cooling systems from Dawsongroup pcc, to ensure the required temperature for both products and staff.

For remote operations, the Temp°store can be paired with hybrid and solar generators from Dawsongroup energy solutions, to bring operations where they’re most needed. By shortening the distance between the field and the infrastructure, businesses can maintain the products’ freshness and extend the shelf-life.

Our rental, contract hire, and bespoke solutions offer your business flexible and reliable storage throughout the year, minimising downtime and optimising your operations. As a result, these inflatables offer a cost-effective and efficient storage solution for the agricultural industry, helping farmers maximise their productivity and minimise waste. Contact us today to find out more.

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