Frequently Asked Questions About Our Inflatable Structures

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arrowWhere are your structures manufactured?

arrowThese are just like bouncy castles, aren’t they?

arrowCan you provide a visual of what my structure will look like?

arrowCan you supply structural calculations for your buildings?

arrowAre your structures suitable for permanent installation?


arrowWhat happens if a structure is punctured?

arrowDo the inflation systems need to be left connected?

arrowDo the blowers run constantly?

arrowWhat happens if there is a power cut?

arrowDo the structures require much maintenance?

arrowCan the structures be cleaned?

arrowIs condensation a problem in the structures?


arrowAre the structures fire retardant?

arrowWhat wind speeds can the structures withstand?

arrowCan the structures support snow loads?

arrowWhat is the life span of one of your structures?

arrowWhat are your structures made from?

arrowCan I hang equipment such as lighting from a structure?

arrowAre the inflation systems noisy?


arrowCan branding be printed onto the structures?

arrowCan banners be attached to a structure?

arrowHow are the structures anchored?

arrowWhat are the options for lighting the structures?

arrowWhat are the options for flooring?

arrowHow can I heat/cool a structure?

arrowCan windows and doors be fitted to your structures?