Tectoniks cubes are available in sizes up to 21 metres and can be configured with multiple openings and a variety of door styles.

Their crisp, clean lines make them visually distinctive whilst their square footprints make the integration of flooring and other ancillary equipment straightforward.

Tectoniks 6m Cube
PZ Cussons 20m Cube 12m Cube with printed banner
Technical Data
Ext width,length :
6.0m / 19.7ft
Int width,length :
5.0m / 16.4ft
External height :
3.8m / 12.5ft
Internal height :
3.3m / 10.8ft
Standing :
37 persons
Seated (theatre) :
20 persons
Seated (tables) :
18 persons
Floor area :
25m2 / 270ft2
Options (click images for details)

Our structures are available in a variety of colours. The interior and exterior surfaces do not have to be the same colour.

Contact us for the latest colour options.


Additional entrance/exit openings can be added to a structure if required. Just specify the total number of openings required when enquiring.

Entrances Close

The entrances/exits of our structures can be fitted with a variety of door types.

Fabric Doors

Fabric doors can be supplied blank or with artwork applied.

Fabric Door
Solid Doors

Solid doors are available as single, double, triple or quad units with clear or opaque panels. They can be supplied in a wide variety of colours.

Door options Close
Direct Printing

Artwork can be directly printed onto the structure during manufacture using our own large format printing equipment. Our proprietary artwork manipulation software can take high resolution digital artwork in any file format and wrap it in 3d to produce the perfect result.

Direct Printing
Printed Banners

Alternatively, artwork can be printed onto removable banners which are tailored to follow the contours of the structure.

Printed Banners