Cold Storage Structures

Our inflatable cold stores offer instant temperature controlled solutions across a range of sectors and are available for hire or purchase. They can be deployed indoors or outdoors and moved rapidly in response to changing business demands.

In 2013 Tectoniks developed the first ever insulated inflatable structures capable of meeting the thermal performance requirements of International Energy Conservation Codes such as IECC 2012. Continuous refinement of this technology has resulted in the latest range of portable cold stores presented here.

Cold storage structure

The TEMPSTORE 26 provides 70 cubic metres of chilled or frozen* space. Its 26 square metre floor area can accommodate up to 20 EUR pallets and its height allows for forklift accessibility. Being of a modular design, up to three units can be joined end-to-end to provide a single space with a capacity of up to 210 cubic metres and floor areas up to 78 square metres.

Cold Storage Rental

*when used with optional insulated floor

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Portable Cold Store Dimensions Portable Cold Store Footprint

Portable Cold Store

The TEMPSTORE 10 takes portabilty and performance to new levels. With a capacity of 20 cubic metres and a floor area of 10 square metres, it can provide chilled storage in ambient temperatures up to 50°C.

Being inflatable the unit packs down to a volume of just 4.75 cubic metres for storage and transportation – including its insulated floor and refrigeration system. The key to achieving such a compact system was to ensure the most efficient use of all its component parts. Rather than packing everything into a crate for transportation, its unique insulated floor folds up to provide a robust transportation container for the inflatable.

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Tempstore 10 Portable Cold Store Dimensions Tempstore 10 Portable Cold Store Dimensions