Company Ethos

Tectoniks, and the structures we produce, continue to enhance supply chain efficiency, support disaster relief efforts, and aid customers in reducing both waste and carbon emissions.

Core Products


The Temp°store is a versatile inflatable solution for businesses across various industry sectors. Made from premium quality, fire-retardant composite textiles, Temp°store units are designed to withstand the elements, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Configurable to various needs, it can be easily transported, rapidly deployed and adapted. It is highly energy efficient and provides both temperature-controlled and ambient options, perfect for product storage or events. Discover the Temp°store’s potential to transform your storage, events and workplace needs today.

Why Tectoniks?

Portable temporary structures that are built to last.

A Solution Engineered for Portable Temperature-Controlled Storage and Mobile Spaces

At Tectoniks, innovation drives our inflatable technology, resulting in structures that offer rigidity, portability, and environmental sustainability. Our awards attest to our commitment to excellence.

Our unique Temp°store and structure range, developed entirely in-house in the UK, has allowed us to produce innovative designs for flexible cold and ambient storage products and space solutions, ensuring our customers remain agile in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

Industries we support:

Flexible hire options available:

Clients we’ve worked with developing custom structures:


Event Structures

Tempstore Event Structures

Our innovative event structures offer a swift alternative to traditional tents and marquees, with modular designs for custom lengths, offering unmatched flexibility in location and accessibility. They have also been constructed with solar reduction textiles to minimise air conditioning needs.

Bespoke Structures

Tempstore Bespoke Structures

Tectoniks’ bespoke structures are at the forefront of portable architectural design, showcased by our awards, projects, and testimonials. Our collaboration with you, CAD visualisation, and rigorous testing ensure quality and reliability. Let’s bring your unique vision to life!

Charles Dawson, International Development Director

Our Structures are more rigid, can span greater distances and withstand extreme weather all whilst retaining the advantages of speed of deployment, portability and low environmental impact.

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